L’vivs’ka square ( 40 Yaroslaviv Val st.)

L’vivs’ka square ( 40 Yaroslaviv Val st.)

We offer placement of your advertising on a large-format advertising construction (brandmauer), which is located in Kyiv, 40 Yaroslaviv Val St. (L’vivs’ka Sq.).

Daily performance indicators
Buses Minibuses Automobiles Pedestrians OTS cars OTS passengers OTS pedestrians OTS sum
286 67 12 928 5 356 18 000 6 000 5 000 29 000

Additional Info

City: Kyiv
Address: L’vivs’ka square ( 40 Yaroslaviv Val st.)
Height: 25.0 m.
Width: 64.0 m.
Display space: 1600.0 sq.m.
Illumination: Available
Minimum exposure period: 3 months


«Svit Outdoor Media» is an outdoor advertising company, which has been performing in the Ukrainian market since 2006. We specialize in placing large-format and non-standard outdoor advertisings:

As of today, Svit Outdoor Media is one of the leaders in the large-format advertising market in Kyiv, whose address program includes about 100 exclusive large-format advertising objects. Creative decisions of our team will not leave anyone indifferent!


  • Advertisement placement on brandmauers
  • Advertisement on facades and roofs of buildings
  • Production and placement of unconventional advertising constructions