High-quality large format outdoor advertising makes cities more attractive

For some reason, large format outdoor advertising is not in favour in Ukraine. Many believe that it spoils the appearance of cities and turns urban landscape into a mix of mottled colors. But world experience shows the opposite. It is enough to use imagination, stock up on creativity, generate an idea and you can create a large-format advertising product which will brighten any city street or square.

No matter how we feel about outdoor advertising, we cannot avoid it. It gives consumers an opportunity to orient themselves in the world of things. Manufacturers can convince that their product is, of course, the best one on the market. The winner in this advertising battle is the one who manages to turn a potential client into a buyer. To do this in our over saturated advertising reality is not so easy.

You cannot catch the modern consumer on slogans like "World's №1 product ...", it requires more sophisticated advertising tricks. However, there are also proven methods against them: you can, for example, turn over a page of a magazine or a newspaper, switch to another radio wave, press next button on a TV remote ... In this situation, outdoor advertising becomes the leader, as it is almost impossible to be excluded from everyday life. It is no coincidence that in Western countries today we observe growth of two advertising platforms - on the Internet and on outdoor advertisings.

The modern brandmauer came to us from ancient Rome.

Unusual outdoor advertising - brandmauers- have only recently become part of familiar urban landscape. Reigning on walls of houses, they have pressed out usual billboards and light boxes. However, everything new is a well-forgotten old. An advertising brandmauer is almost the same age as outdoor advertising. It is the product of its development from trivial signs to complex skyscraper-sized banners. Just some 30 years ago, large-format advertising was part of the powerful Soviet propaganda machine, and huge brandmauers with images of Marx, Engels and Lenin could be seen in almost every major city.


«Svit Outdoor Media» is an outdoor advertising company, which has been performing in the Ukrainian market since 2006. We specialize in placing large-format and non-standard outdoor advertisings:

As of today, Svit Outdoor Media is one of the leaders in the large-format advertising market in Kyiv, whose address program includes about 100 exclusive large-format advertising objects. Creative decisions of our team will not leave anyone indifferent!


  • Advertisement placement on brandmauers
  • Advertisement on facades and roofs of buildings
  • Production and placement of unconventional advertising constructions